Thursday, September 10, 2020

New Favorite Necklace

I received this necklace as a gift from oNecklace, however all opinions are my own!

Have you noticed the letter the trend is coming back around? I have a name necklace from years ago that I might just have to pull out of retirement. When I saw this choker name necklace on the oNecklace website, I knew I had to have it. First off, it’s rose gold which I think looks so feminine and next I love to wear a little piece of my boys when they are not with me, so I got their favorite name to yell (well only Joey at the moment), M.A.M.A!  

It looks great, and I love that it has a chunkier chain. 

This is not my first piece from oNecklace, and definitely won't be the last! I love how everything can be personalized and their customer service is so easy to work with. 

Best part, I want to share with all of you that you can use my code to get a discount on a piece of your own. Use code: ASHLEY15 for 15% off you purchase!

Be sure to come back and let me know whatcha got!

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