Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Spring Wal Mart Favorites

I'm so far behind on my posts (because ya know- quarantine life) that I actually ordered these items during on of my pregnant nights when I couldn't sleep. I obviously waited until after I had Vinny to try them on, and now I am sharing them with you all! 

Can I just say how much I love these jeans! The fit so well- I went to a size 4 since I'm still carrying some baby weight and they are high rise! The pocket detail looks just like the AE detail, so you would never know you are wearing Wal Mart jeans!

I picked up this basic graphic tee because I couldn't beat the price of $10! It's cute but the fabric is pretty stiff. But for the price I decided to keep it and wear it layered with a cardigan for now and denim shorts in the summer.

I ended up returning this skirt, since I just didn't like the way it looked on me. However does look more expensive in person. I was hesitant because the print could look cheap, it also comes in solid navy.

I ended up returning this jacket, since I already have a quilted Burberry jacket. But the look is so good on the jacket, you would never know it's from Wal Mart. It is light weight, so you could easily wear it into the colder Spring months as well!

These look a lot more expensive then they really are. However I ended up returning them since I don't need another paid of mules or loafers! They come in this snakeskin print as well as a leopard print too. PS. don't mind my feet, as they were still swollen from the pregnancy (pictures taken about two months ago!)

I think they are the perfect white slip on with a subtle design, however I ended up returning because 1 they didn't have my size at the time- these are wide width and 2 I already have a pair of golden goose dupes that I wore the whole time I was pregnant and will all Spring.

These black slip on sneakers are so comfortable. They are actually perfect to throw on for long walks down the drive way to get the mail, out back to yell at the dog when he won't come back inside, and taking a long walk around the block. I plan on bringing these to Disney when we go in September- that's how comfortable they are! They are lined with memory foam too.

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