Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Winter Walmart Finds

While I was still pregnant and couldn't sleep at like 3am one night, I decided to peruse the Walmart website after I saw so many people getting finds on there. I did grab three difference pairs of black booties, knowing I would not keep them all. However at their price points I definitely could have kept all three.

Some things before I get started. I got my typical size in all these pieces. My bust is a 36D (hoping these bad boys go down now that baby is here!!) and I typically wear a small in tops. My shoe size is a true 8.

This jacket is so comfortable and I love that it is easy to throw on when going outside with the dog, picking up Joey from school or even just an extra layer in the house. The color is very unique which I love.  I am wearing a size small
also available in chocolate

This coat!! It isn't very heavy, so if you are looking for winter coat for snow or winter activities this wouldn't be your coat. However, if you size up and want to layer it would be perfect. It is available in so many other colors but I just love how this pink pops, since I have nothing like it!
also available in other colors

This plaid shirt looks a lot different in person then on the model online. I had intentions on returning it, but at the price point of less then $7.00 I decided to keep it. It is available in a lot of other colors and I think would look really cute front tucked like I have it or even tied in the front. You can pair with denim shorts in summer and even the faux spanx leggings.
available in a lot of other colors

I LOVE this dress! My only issue, is I wish that had it available in an xs because it hits long on me. I did bunch it a little and added a black belt and over the knee boots. This would make a great affordable outfit for Valentine's or GALentine's Day this weekend!
wish they had an xs
also available in other colors

At first I loved this sweater, but I did end of returning it. I have so many pullover sweaters that I didn't need another one. However the quality was great and the print is really fun!
available in other colors

I can't even tell you how many compliments I have received in the few times I have worn them already. They are becoming one of my favorite booties! And friends they are so dang comfortable because they have memory foam inside them!!

I ended up returning these. Personally to me the ankle looked a little cheap material, and I didn't like where they hit on my already short legs. Maybe if I had longer legs they would fit better?

These were super cute as well. But I really didn't need two pairs of black booties, so I decided to return. I would definitely recommend them though especially at the price point of $15.00!!!

Have you purchased anything from Wal Mart recently? Let me know in the comments!!

 When my mom complimented me on my outfit the other day and I told her multiple items were from Wal Mart, she couldn't believe I was wearing them. I definitely think they have stepped up their game trying to compete with Target and their designer pieces!

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