Monday, December 2, 2019

Men's Gift Guide | 2019

Wooden Wrist Watch
Girls, I have rounded up a bunch of good finds for those hard to shop for guys in your life. And trust me, I have many of them.. ya know the ones that just want buy whenever they want something and don't ever give hints. Or the ones that have clothes hanging with tags from three Christmas's ago - cough cough (my husband!!) Anyway, I did get his help on the from him andddd I have an awesome idea giveaway for you with the help of my friends at Jord.
Cooper Mugs
I gifted these to my father in law a few years ago and uses them very often, even for non alcoholic drinks!
Yeti Cooler
This was Joe's big gift two years ago and he uses it for parties, tailgates, Trick or Treating (yes you read that right!!) and so much more! It def. holds all your ice and drinks cold!
Air Pods
These are so hot right now, and especially with the newest iphone that are a great gift!
Travel Toiletry Bag (Monogrammed)
This is a gift that is so simple, yet so many guys don't own! Also, shop small and purchase from a site like Etsy!
Whiskey Decanter Set
This is a fun gift for the guy who likes to sip on whiskey. It's prolly something they would never purchase for themselves, and classes up any bar area.
Sphere Ice Mold
Going along with the whiskey and bourbon theme, these are perfect for your guys glass.
Personalized Bottle of Bourbon
I thought this was the coolest item and couldn't believe you could find it on Amazon! I think this would look so cool on a bar top or even kitchen top since it's personalized!
Portable Cigar Pouch
Usually Joe will bring cigars when we go to weddings or away for the wedding, and this is great to place them in for travel.
Thermal Socks
I got these for all the guys in my family this year. My two brothers and dad work outside alot so they will love these and Joe will put these in handy during snow blowing or even just the chilly winter weekends!
Jord Apple Watch Band 
This watch band is so.dang. good you guys! I got Joe an apple watch a few years ago for his birthday, and honestly he never really wears it out because it was 'too sporty looking' and preferred other watches on the weekends. Until now! This leather band definitely classes up the watch head and I love that it comes from a Family owned business! These fit even the newest Apple watch. It comes in 6 vibrant flat leather options with stainless steel coordinating classic buckle style clasps.

your own Jord Apple Watch Band!
I am a Jord partner. This watch band was gifted to me for review, but all opinions are my own!
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