Friday, February 1, 2019

Five on Friday

Happy finally February!  This week is dragging on real bad. Next week at this time, I will be hopefully laying on the beach with a big ole drink in my hand.  Which brings me to my five highlights of this week..

one. We had snow in the early part of this week which led to below 0 temps for the rest of the week. I checked the weather for our upcoming trip to Jamaica and it's calling for 80's all week. Super excited to get away for a few days!

two. Speaking about the snow we had, I left work early and was able to enjoy some of the snow with the boys outside. I love watching Joey have so much fun in it, even though we could only stay out max 10-20 minutes. It was just too cold.

three. Because I consider you all my friends, I will share my little secret with you all. We sold our house!! We were not planning on doing it until the spring because we thought no one would be looking in the winter. Low and behold, the right people came along and we have to move out in a month! I will be updating you all real soon about where we plan on going, tricks I've learned with moving etc. But for now, say a little prayer for us while packing and doing the moving shuffle that everything goes smoothly. I don't know how we accumulated so much 'stuff' in three and a half years in this house.

four. This is actually from last week, but it was so dang good I want to make it again this week. This is the cauliflower crust from Trader Joe's with their pizza sauce. I sliced pepperoni and mozz cheese and yummmm-o! It was so delicious.

five. By a recommendation from a friend, I purchased this book. She just said it was so good and she couldn't put it down. I didn't really get a background on it, nor did I read the description, but we have pretty much the same taste. Well you guys. It was so.dang.good. I literally couldn't put it down and read it in two nights. Yes, staying up way past my bedtime to read it. There were so many turns in the story and it was definitely not what I expected. Check out the review and description below..

Description from a review on Amazon: 

"Marco and Anne are invited to a dinner party at the home of their next door neighbors Cynthia and Graham. They get a baby sitter for their baby daughter Cora. The sitter on the day of the dinner party cancels at the last minute. Anne really did not want to go to the party so she tell Marco that she will stay home with baby Cora. Marco somehow convinces her that they can both still go to the dinner party. All they have to do is every half hour one of them will go home and check on Cora, and they will also take the baby monitor.
They stay later than Anne wanted to and when she goes to check on baby Cora the crib is empty. The police immediately suspect that one or both of them are involved in the disappearance of Cora. As they investigated they soon discover that both of them have secrets that they are not telling each other. Each time that I thought that I had figure out who took baby Cora I was wrong. Every chapter of this book brought more twists and turns. That kept me on the edge of my seat and turning the page to find out what was going to happen next. The ending is not to be missed"

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