Friday, January 25, 2019

Valentine's for Kids & Teachers | 2019

We have been super busy lately dealing with a lot of different things, which I will share with you all hopefully soon. So I want to apologize if I am a little absent on both the blog and Instagram
Anyway, I started to come up with ideas for Joey's teachers and classmates for Valentine's this year. Since this is the first year he is in a 'classroom' setting I wanted to get an early start. Here are some ideas that are so easy to make.

Now I used toys or things we had around the house, but I also linked some good finds for cheap- especially if you have a child with a bigger class!

Car | Dollar Spot (found these on Amazon)

Crayons | Crayola Factory (found these on Amazon)

Cheese Stick

So like I said before, I just grabbed these 'props' for the pictures sake, but I plan on pairing this tags with some homemade donuts from our local bakery and putting them in a cute box or bag.

Donuts | Little Bites

Hope this helps you while thinking up Valentine's for your little's! 
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