Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Favorite Things from 2018

We are half way through January already and I am trying to hard to stick to my resolution! Did you make one this year? Well I did, and it may be the first time ever! My resolution this year is to stay more organized. See, I am constantely being pulled a million different ways- working full time, working part time as a head cheerleading coach, running this blog, running my own Etsy Shop and website, being a mommy, wife, cook, baker, cleaning lady etc. it takes a lot out of me! So this year, in order to stay calmer and productive, I want to plan, execute and stressless! So far, so good, I'm happy to report. 
So onto today's post. I wanted to share with you some of my top things from this past year. 

+ First up is my Scout lunch box that was actually gifted to me! Around the spring time, I was on the hunt for an insulated lunch box because I wanted to start bringing my lunch to work with me since I started working full time again. Luckily, Scout knew I was on the hunt, and offered me this one. It's so easy to clean in case something spills in it. It keeps my lunch warm or cold- since it's insulted and I love the look of it! 

+ Leading me into my next favorite from this past year is my Scout weekender bag. I wish I could count all the times I've used it since receiving it this Fall, but I don't have that many fingers!! Like my lunch box, it is so easy to wipe down if I say spill coffee on it putting everything in the car (I've done it- yes, a whole cup!), it fits so much stuff and the straps are wide so it won't cut into your shoulders!

+ I purchased a couple plants from different stores this year to put into my office. I am trying to make my office into a relaxing atmosphere where I stress less- on most days! I am loving this little guy the most though. When I got it, it was about half the size and had a lot more pink speckles on the leaves, You can still see some, but boy has this baby grown!

+ On Black Friday both my mom and I picked up the Amazon Fire for Kid's at Target for a steal. I gave it to Joey for Christmas, and it was one of the best decisions! We typically only put YouTube on for Joey as a last resort while out, but we like that this is made specifically for kids with educational apps, games and yes.. Baby Shark on repeat! This also free's up my phone from being used and potentially thrown, cracked or battery drained!

+ I got this Sally Hansen Insta-dry nail polish after seeing a blogger in the Spring talking about it. I feel in love and my favorite color is White on Time. I dries really quick and goes on so smooth!

+ During a sale at Sephora, I broke down and purchased this DryBar Curling Iron  and have loved the way my curls came out after using it. I have been using strictly a straightener to 'curl' my hair. I just love the two different looks I can easily do now!

+ Early last year, I got rid of our stained comforter and opted for a duvet and cover. I rather not discuss the stains from a sick dog, sick kid and lord knows what else got onto the white comforter -that didn't fit into out washer. Instead in the garbage it went and off to Home Goods I go! I wish I could link the duvet I found because it really is perfect! After struggling with the duvet slipping into the cover for months, I finally found these Duvet Clips and they are a huge game changer! 

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So what are some of your favorite items from 2018? I would love to know in the comments!
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