Thursday, November 29, 2018

My New Favorite Everything Bag

I'm always looking for new ways to make my life easier and recently I received this Scout Weekender bag and it was a game changer!

Joey goes to my mom's twice a week, and when we drop him off he comes with a lot of 'baggage'. I usually pack him some clothes to wear out if they plan on doing something fun, some food, drink cups etc. and was looking for a big enough bag to suffice all this. 

I also plan on using this bag during the holiday's to carry gifts to family members houses, but here are some other ideas too, like toy storage, weekend travels, grocery store run, or keep in your car with essential needs!

 There really are so many ways to use this bag! Best part is the material is so easy to clean with just a wet paper towel or rag and a quick wipe down!

 Did you want to grab your own? Scroll down for a special code and 20% off your own bag!

Use Code SCOUT-AM to get 20% off!!

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