Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Weekend Recap | September 2018

Another weekend that flew by. We were lucky to spend this weekend celebrating two of our friends tying the knot! But let's get right to other highlights too!
Thursday Night the Eagles played! Joey was a trooper and stayed up until 8:30.. the game was delayed, so it didn't even start until after 9pm. I lasted until about half time, and went to bed. This girl can not hang!
Friday Joey got picked up from school by Grammy and Poppy and I rushed home from work to get ready for our friends rehearsal dinner! Thankfully, Joe was able to make the rehearsal in time (he was a groomsman) and I just met him at the restaurant after! It was fun to have a nice meal sans little Joey stealing my food! After the dinner, we went back to our friends house who were getting married and had some drinks with others around the bon-fire in their backyard! 

Saturday I made an early Target run and Joe headed to get ready with the fellow groomsman. Since Joey wasn't home I went into crazy cleaning mode and cleaned for a good four hours straight, moving furniture, dusting everything, vacuuming, scrubbing, rearranging- you name it! It felt so good to come home to a clean house that night. By time I was done cleaning I jumped in the shower and quickly got ready for the wedding. I Ubered over to my friend Cait's house so that we could go together. Despite the drizzle rain and sinking into the grass with my heels, it was such a beautiful ceremony and wedding! The wedding was held near our house at a local county club, so we didn't stay overnight, however we did go back and hang at the hotel bar- because hey, why not!

 Sunday  Joe and I went for breakfast at Billy's and ran a few errands before my parents dropped Joey off. It was only in the 60's on Sunday, which was perfect for the first Sunday of football. While running errands we stopped at Fresh Market to pick up some food for later. I also picked up these adorable plats and napkins in the dollar section at Target! We spent the rest of the day lounging around the couch watching football and playing with Joey.

Another great weekend in the books for us!

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