Thursday, August 16, 2018

That Time We Put Our House For Sale

A few weeks ago I mentioned in my Five for Friday stories that we planted a St. Joseph statue, because we put our house on the market. Well I haven't really gone into detail about that because despite having so. many. showings.- we've had no offers still. 

General sense we are getting, 'beautiful home' 'great showing' 'so cozy' 'but, too small for our growing family' Which I get, I mean that's why we are looking to move! But come on people. You know the third bedroom is on the first floor from our listing. You know the square footage of the house. and you know there is a tiny garage with room for one car and then additional street parking. At this point I'm a little discouraged because it's been on the market a little over a month, and I thought for sure it would have an offer by now!

Anyway, here is a tour of our home from the photo shoot with the realtor- and plus I don't think my house has EVER been this clean before!!

Front & Patio

Living Room

Guest Bedroom/ Office



Downstairs Bath

Our Bedroom

Joey's Bedroom

Upstairs Bath

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