Saturday, July 21, 2018

Week Recap

Why is it that Winter and the cold last 55 months (or so it feels like) and Summer last three short months. Anyway, the weeks fly by. We are always running somewhere, doing something, trying to soak in every minute of this Summer. 

1. The week started off with me working from home. I thought it was just allergies, but it seems I had a touch of a Summer cold. I was coughing a lot, so Joe brought Joey to my parents house so that I could rest at home alone while still trying to get some things done. This one was never too far away from me at all. He hates when I'm sick. Isn't it amazing how our pets know. Before I even knew I was pregnant with Joey, Charger was acting weird and wouldn't leave me alone. He would lay on my stomach and be very protective. God, I love this puppy!

2. On Tuesday, I still wasn't feeling that well, so I met Joey to have dinner out instead of cooking. We went to Stoke in Easton, PA and it was soooo good! It's funny, I've been there two times before, but both times I was pregnant with Joey! We arrived before the happy hour ended, so we started with the half price meatballs! I ordered Joey the cheese pizza thinking it would be pretty small, but it was the same size as our pizza! Luckily the kid loves pizza (but he really loves all food) so he ate more then half of it and the rest became his lunch the next day. Joe and I split a salad and some white pizza with prosciutto onto.  

3. We occasionally let Joey watch things on my old ipad while waiting for dinner to be made. He loves watching the trucks and learn about colors on YouTube kids. I snapped this picture of him very intent on watching it. He looks like such a big boy! 

4. I love when Joey's teachers send us pictures of him playing, enjoying a meal, or sleeping. On Friday, his teacher sent us this photo saying Joey loves books! It's so true. We sometimes have to take them from him because he will just want to turn the pages and look at the pictures all night if he could!
Romper (similar)

5. If you haven't already, go ahead and enter the giveaway for a Jord Watch! I love mine and having been wearing this Frankie- Koa & Ash since I received it!

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