Friday, May 11, 2018

The Best Self Tanner I've Tried

The year was 2005. I was a Junior in high school and it was the week before Prom. Throw back to the days of bleached blonde hair and going to the tanning salon as much as possible. Screw the natural bronzed look, I wanted as dark as could be! I'm almost sad to admit this now, but my friends and I would sign up for multiple salons tanning packages so that we could maximize our tanning results. Not only would be 'fake bake' but we also would use self tanning lotion to cover the unfortunate lines due to playing sports. 
You may not have guessed this from looking at me, but I was the catcher in softball for four years while in High School. Also, back in those days (I act like it was 50 years ago!!!) softball players typically wore shorts with high socks. So you can imagine the sweet lines I would get. I wanna say it was the Wednesday or Thursday before prom on Saturday, so I was loading up the self tanning lotion at this point; we had a softball game. It was so hot that game that of course I was sweating. Add on the catcher equipment, I was a mess. I had taken off my leg protectors after the inning and I was up to bat. I remember getting a double and sliding into second base. When I got up I shook off the dirt and dust and realized my knee caps were a complete different color then my shins and thighs. I was mortified, but hey.. at least the rest of me looked tan! From sweating and my knees rubbing on the catchers gear, the sunless tanner must have rubbed off!
Let's just say, sunless tanners have changed a great bit in those 13 years, and I've used a lot since then. But, I think I may have found my favorite
When Sephora recently had their VIB sale, I listed on my favorites that I was planning on purchasing this product. I since have received and tried it on two occasions, and I can't wait to share it with you all.

I chose the scent Vanilla Apricot, and it smells so good!

This picture is right after applying to my left arm. As you can see, there is a significant difference. 

It's really so simple to apply. It comes with a mit so you don't have to worry about streaky, orange hands. Simply pour a little into the mit and let it soak in. Apply to each body part individually so that you get all areas. Let soak into skin for about 8 hours before showering.

I exfoliated in the shower and when completely dried I applied the oil with the mit. Once the oil was dry to touch I put on lose clothes. The two times I've applied I went to bed after applying and showered when I woke up. The first time, I must have sweat over night while wearing a short sleeve shirt, and did have to little spots (look like from my arms) on my sheets. They did wash right off though. The second time I wore loose long pants and shirt and didn't have any orange or stains on my clothes. 

If you do have excess or lines on your skin after the 8 hours, just scrub a little extra in the shower and apply lotion after washing off. This will help blend it!

To clean the mit, just rinse with water and pat dry. Let it sit to dry.

This was the best sunless tanner I've tried yet, and like I said before I've tried the spray's, lotions and other oils.  It smells so good, the instant color is great to tell where you put the oil and it lasts almost a week with good hydration of your skin. 

This is not a sponsored post, I just wanted to share this product with you all!

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