Saturday, April 21, 2018

Baby Food That's Just Like Homemade

If you had to ask Joey what his favorite fruit and veggie is, we would say (if he could talk yet) apples and carrots! These 2nd Foods® Apple and Carrot look like homemade, taste like homemade, and are textured just like homemade. The texture is identical to if I was to whip them up myself. I'm pretty sure all my mom's out there would agree we love making homemade for our babies, but who has the time. 

This week I went back to work full time. Joey is now with my mom two days a week and a family friend the other three days. On the weekends we prefer to make big breakfasts and do something fun, and making baby food is just usually not on that agenda. If you make all your own foods.. please, please tell me your secrets!! I am 100% okay though, with giving Joey this baby food. He loves it and moans and groans when I don't feed it to him fast enough!

Joey gets that same nutrition, since it is real fruit; as he would I take longer and whip him some up myself. The 2nd Foods® Apple is definitely a favorite in our house, and Joey gets so excited when he sees me take one out for him! 

If you want to pick up your own Gerber 2nd Foods® check out a coupon here!
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