Sunday, March 11, 2018

What I’m Feeding Joey to Help him Grow Strong

At Joey's six month check up our doctor confirmed we could start feeding Joey baby cereal. Right after the appointment we be-lined for Target and picked up Gerber Single Grain Oatmeal. I was so excited to start feeding Joey and single-grain infant cereals are an ideal first solid food to check for food sensitivities and help develop baby's eating skills. 

Right now, your little one needs iron to help support healthy brain development! I felt so comfortable giving Joey this new food and he loves it!  Just two servings of Gerber infant cereal meet 90% of your baby's daily iron needs.  

Gerber cereal has essential nutrients such as Iron, Zinc, Calcium, Vitamin C, E and six B Vitamins for healthy development.  There are no artificial colors or flavors which is perfect for my little guy.

Don't hesitate, check out Gerber Cereals today with this coupon!

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