Friday, July 14, 2017

Joseph Michael.. Three Month Update

Another month older for our little man! I really can't believe how fast it's flying by. I can't believe he has been in our lives for three whole months already! He is growing like a weed 
Three Months: July 8, 2017
Weight:  14.8lbs
Height:  24 3/4 in (we think he was measured wrong at 2 months)

Diet:  formula 

Sleeping:  Through the whole night!!! and cat naps during the day!

Clothing Size:  Moved up to 6-9 months and some 6 are getting snug!

Diaper Size: Size 2's
Joey is becoming more active every day! He is 'talking' so much especially in the morning. He moved into his crib since he outgrew his bassinet and with that started sleeping through the night! He usually sleeps from 8pm- 6/ 6:30am but only takes about 20 minute naps during the day. He gets very cranky when I'm tired and tend to whine when that happens. We say he has FOMO (fear of missing out) since he fights sleep during the day even though he rubs his eyes and is so tired!

Joey loves watching Fixer Upper with me (maybe because I watched so much while pregnant) and laughs and talks through the show. I like to think he is giving his opinion. He has the biggest smile and loves flirting! 

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