Wednesday, February 22, 2017

34 Weeks & Second Trimester Recap

size of the baby: cantaloupe

total weight gain: 25 lbs- I think I gained it all in my chest. I currently am wearing a 36D and they are tight! Pre-pregnancy was 34C

gender: Little Man!

movement: YES! This kid loves to move, especially when I get hungry! He has been kicking on my ribs a lot which makes it very uncomfortable.

sleep: Still very tired, but during the day I seem to have more energy. I have been having issues sleeping and trying to find a comfortable position.

clothing: I am wearing only maternity jeans and leggings now. For yoga pants and sweat pants I can roll them under the bump, but anything against it is very uncomfortable.

missing: Purchasing normal size clothing such as jeans and pants. Also missing Sushi! Even though I wasn't a huge eater before, when someone tells you not to have something, you want it even more!

craving: STILL..Mozzarella Sticks and meatballs for every meal! 

symptoms: Found out I have a low anemia so need to take extra iron pills for it. My glucose test results were perfect so no three hour test for me.. Thank goodness! I also got Charlie Horses in my legs a couple nights that were so painful. 

favorite moments: Seeing him kick for the first time and my belly move. Not going to lie, it kinda freaked me out a little, but was amazing at the same time too.

hardest moments: Being dehydrated from not drinking enough water. It was so scary because they wanted me to come into labor and delivery. After talking with the doctors they advised I just lay down and drink about 5 more glasses of water that night. It was very scary, because I thought 'this is all my fault, I should have taken care of my body' It was definitely a wake up call!

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