Thursday, January 12, 2017

Linen Closet Organization + Free Download

We are in the process of converting our half bath into a full and by doing this I lost my upstairs linen closet. Thankfully we have a pretty decent size linen closet outside our down stairs bathroom to store all our extra's in. 

I want to also share that photographic this closet is ridiculous. There is NO sunlight that makes this look good! The door blocks the little that comes through the bathroom, so really the only hope was the little shining in from the living room, which here in PA is little to nothing lately!

The first step I took in the organization process was sorting through everything. We had some towels that have seen better days. They had holes, were worn out or just were plain sad looking. When we had our bridal shower we received all new towels in numerous sizes, so there really was no need to keep all the raggy ones.

We had doubles even triples of open toiletries, so we went through and purged anything we no long use and combined some things. It turns out this closet was becoming a catch all for everything. Tissue boxes, kitchen soaps, candles. This desperately needed this organization/ clean out!

Next I neatly organized everything into these baskets. The tray you see in there, we had previously purchased. There was nothing wrong with it, so we decided to keep it for extra toiletries. There also is no easy way to organize all of Charger's toys and treats at the bottom of the closet. Every time we open the closet (and i mean EVERY. DARN. TIME. he runs over and tries to pull them out. It's a hopeless cause, so we just keep his 'travel' bag on top to "hide" the treats! What smart dog parents we are (insert rolling eyes emoji) 

To complete the organization, I labeled all the baskets so everything was easy accessible to get.  

You can download your set of FREE labels for your own home organization project! Just simply click here to download them all. Once downloaded, print them out on paper or card stock and punch a hole in the top. I used jute twine I already had to tie them on the baskets. 

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