Thursday, December 8, 2016

Our NEW Holiday Traditions

There is something about the house decorated and the smells of pine that make me feel like laying on the couch with hot chocolate and not moving. Who's with me on this one?
Joe and I are spending our second Christmas in our home. But this year it seems a lot more natural. Maybe because we are forming our own new Christmas traditions, or maybe because our decorations were purchased last year and now we get to just add to them or that we have Charger to celebrate with and are getting ready for our newest addition. Either way, I'm loving it! 
I know a lot of our traditions will change by next year having a newborn in the house, but for this year.. here is some of our new traditions we make. 
Thanksgiving Day..
On Thanksgiving Day we wake up and I immediately start making homemade cinnamon buns. You can find the recipe I posted from a few years ago here. While those are in the oven, we turn on the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade and watch cuddled on the couch. A highlight in the parade has always been seeing the Radio City Rockette's perform. Once the cinnamon buns are done we eat them up while sipping on coffee. By that time, the parade is just about over and we get ready for the day. We head into Northern New Jersey to spend time with Joe's grandparents and dad's side of the family. Appetizers, dinner and desserts typically finish around 6 or 7, and we head back to PA. My mom and I have always gone Black Friday shopping but like to think we have an upper hand on everyone else. We don't go out until around 9 or 10 and by that time the 'crazies' that have waited in line for hours are gone. It's funny because we are able to get the same deals and if the items aren't available in store they usually are able to order online for us. This year we only shopped at a few stores before heading home due to my lack of energy and overall feeling run down #pregnantproblems We both usually don't buy any Christmas presents instead things for ourselves and our homes! The next day Joe usually works for a little and I finish up some shopping of stores I didn't hit the night before. In years past we put up the tree and outside decorations at night and finish Saturday, but this year we had a wedding, so we got a head start the week before and finished on Black Friday. This year we also were able to sneak in our Christmas Pictures Friday morning, which came out awesome by the way! 

Christmas Eve..
Before we leave for Christmas Eve dinner, Joe and I open up our presents for each other. We like to do it in our own home and spend that special time together.  We then head to Northern NJ to Joe's grandparents for the festival of the seven fishes! This year, my fish intake will have to be a little different since I'm pregnant, but just being in everyone's company will be good. We stay at Joe's mom's house that night and get to open gifts with her in the morning. This year Charger will be coming with us, which he's never been to her house before so that should be interesting.  
Christmas Day..
We wake up early and start to make breakfast at Joe's mom's house. Usually we turn on the Christmas parade from Disney and watch that while opening presents with her. After our presents are opened, we start to get ready for the day. We head over to Joe's grandmothers house and have lunch joined by his uncle and cousin and his wife. After desserts are finished we open presents and chat for a little bit. We head back to PA and stop at my parents house. We open (more) gifts with them and usually have a snack or some more desserts! We then head home to finish relaxing for the night or most likely this year fall asleep as soon as we get home! 

What are some of the traditions you have or are starting new like us?

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