Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Our Wedding- The Reception Venue

Happy Wednesday friends! We are half way there and the weekend is in site! We received our wedding photo's back and I am so excited to share some details with you all!

If you don't know by now... we celebrated our wedding on June 4, 2016. Our ceremony was held at in hometown, in the church I grew up in. We knew when we got engaged the only place we wanted (or even looked at) was The Historic Hotel Bethlehem

The Hotel is absolutely gorgeous and has the old world feel. The Hotel was built in 1794 and was formerly known as the Golden Eagle Hotel (um, yeah.. George Washington was in office then). Although the Hotel is beautiful year round.. the best time to visit is definitely Christmas Time. I mean come on the City if called the 'Christmas City'!!
Of yeah, and the Hotel is haunted but you can read more about that here

The spectacular structure is truly one of a kind. Whenever we get a chance, we love to come just walk around, grab a drink at the bar or just sit in the lobby! Even though the rooms are 'antique' looking they are very modernized! 

Check out some of our getting ready photo's in the Hotel!

Our cocktail hour was held in both the Lobby (pictured below) and in the Mural Ballroom. 

For the reception, guests headed upstairs to the Grand Ballroom where we had two levels. The balcony area is where we seated the 'kids' aka friends our age with their own bar. Knowing as soon as dinner had ended and the dance music was one they would all make their way to the large dance floor!

It was an amazing day. Not one issue (that I know of) happened. The staff was absolutely wonderful and was constantly checking to see if I needed anything! Now if only we could do this every weekend that would be soo much fun!

Joe & I standing in the middle of Main Street. 

And that folks is a wrap on part one of our wedding!

All photos are by DeLorenzo Photography

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