Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Grocery Shopping from Home

Guys! I just found out about the best kept secret (okay, maybe not secret.. but I never knew about it!) about grocery shopping. 

All my friends in the northeast area listen up.. you can shop right from home using ShopRite apps and their website.

Simply log onto and create an account. You will be able to link your shoppers card too, which allows you to get all the great benefits and deals!  Once you have done this, you can browse and shop right from the weekly circular. You can also create a shopping list before you actually add it to your cart. 

They give you two options for receiving your groceries. They have a delivery option which is amazing.. literally never have to leave your home for groceries again! Or what I chose was to pick them up on my way home from work. It's so simple. You reserve a time you will be there and they come right out to your vehicle and even load them into it for you! How amazing is that! I had the cutest 16 year old load them into my car AND present me with flowers since it was my first time using the Shop From Home option!

See the different color blue and yellow bags.. well that's because the blue is the refrigerated or frozen food and then yellow is not. This helps when you are unloading the groceries and putting them away too!

There is a small cost associated with doing this. If you chose pick up at the store there is a service fee of $10 or if you chose to have it delivered there is a service fee of $19.99. Personally saving me the stress of going to a store, fighting the little old ladies with shopping carts and let's be honest.. I probably would have ended up spending way more on junk that I didn't need to buy (darn you end caps with 'deals' such as buy 2 boxes of donuts and get the third free. 

I will definitely be using this option again, especially when the fall comes with practices and fall ball softball! Does your grocery store offer you shop from home options and have you used them?

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