Monday, April 11, 2016

Where is the World has Ashley Been?

I have not been on this little site here in what feels like forever!!

Well I've been quite busy, ya know less then two months to my wedding, remodeling parts of the house, work, etsy, cheerleading.. just staying busy!!!

So here is a little recap of what's been going on!

What's Going on at Home:

We are in the process of remodeling the kitchen. This weekend we picked out engineered hardwood for our kitchen flooring and I CAN NOT WAIT to get it installed! We really weren't planning on redoing anything in the house right now, but it's amazing how the changing of the basement door turned into the whole kitchen redo! 

For the basement door I loved the look of a french door. This was after the first coat of paint and the plastic still on the glass. With the window directly across from the door, it lets the light reflect and actually makes the room look bigger.. which with how small our kitchen is, we take what we can get! And the door is Charger approved.. as you can see!

 I also purchase this tall pantry cabinet from for some extra storage we lack from our kitchen cabinets! I didn't decide what I want to put on the top of it yet, and just gathered these extras from throughout the house.

How's Things with the Wedding:

Wedding invitations have gone out last week and we've already started getting responses back! Charger wanted to help with this process, so some our guests will get a imprint from Chargers teeth marks.

What's New in the Etsy Shop:

This vibrant invite is new in the shop! Perfect for a birthday party, Cinco de Mayo or just a plain ole' fiesta fiesta!! 

So like I said before, it's been a busy couple of weeks! I promise to get back on track with my posts. I have so many DIY ideas to share with you all coming up! Thanks for your patience with me and can't wait to show you all my wedding and home projects! xo

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