Friday, April 15, 2016

Charger's Bark Box Review

Do you have a four legged friend that you love dearly and want to spoil them monthly? Well then keep on reading... I have a special guest on the blog today, Mr. Charger!


Today my mom decided I should take over this thing she talks about all the time called a bah-log? I used to think it was some kind of treat, boy was I wrong. 

Once a month this man that I like to bark at comes to our house and drops off a box. My mom usually gets excited when it comes and says it's for me.. but then goes and puts it away until I'm 'good'. I'm always good, so I don't know why she doesn't just hand it over then!!

This box is paw-fect for me. I get treats and chew toys. And my mom said I'm teething since I've already chewed two pairs of her shoes, but if she doesn't want me to chew them, she should not leave them out for me! 

Some of the things like a pigs ear, she doesn't let me have, because she says it's not good for a pup my size. It sure smells good though! She told me about a magical place called New York City (she's always saying quotes from a movie she calls Elf) and that was this boxes theme. 

I got a taxi and a bouncy ball in the shape of lady liberty. I got turkey treats that are very yummy and other treats that mom uses for 'training' I told her I don't need to be trained because I'm just too cute to be yelled at. 

Do you have a family member with four legs, fur and is so lovable and cute like me? Then you should sign them up too and be cool just like me. Check it out here!

Thank you Charger for taking over the blog today! Hope everyone wants to treat your pups to a fun surprise and checks out Bark Box today!

* This post was not sponsored by BarkBox and all opinions were my own!

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