Friday, August 14, 2015

Staying Comfortable When Traveling

I just got back from little impromptu trip with one of my best friends to 'scope out' places for my bachelorette party next year in Nashville, TN! Let's be honest.. we are using that as an excuse and really just needed a girls weekend away!

As I started to pack my bags and purse I made a list of everything to bring. I talked to a friend that had just returned from Nashville and she told me it was so hot and to bring a lot of comfortable clothes.

We had a morning flight and knew when we arrived to our destination we wouldn't be able to check into the hotel yet. I wanted to make sure I packed in my purse everything I needed to stay fresh until we were able to check in. Here's a look at my bag!

Especially when I'm flying, I always pack a select few things. These include a decongestant in case I get sick while traveling.. that would make flying NOT fun. A small snack such as M&M's with pretzels, my phone charger and gum to chew for my ears. 
Some essentials I keep in my purse always are chapstick, a perfume- preferably an oil based so it lasts longer, hand sanitizer and of course a girls best friend U by Kotex liners. You never know when your little friend my show her ugly face and why not be prepared. 
These are so light weight, they are practically invisible. Truth be told I didn't realize how many I actually threw in my purse since they are so slim! 

You never know when they unexpected can happen, especially when traveling.. you need to be prepared.
Don't be bulked down by uncomfortable situations! #bringcomfyback and check out U by Kotex today. You no longer have to let liners stand in your way of being comfy!

oh.. and don't forget to get you free sample here!
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