Thursday, March 19, 2015

Summertime Dreaming

When I say I am so ready for summer, I have never meant it more! As I sit at my desk and type this, I am listening to the local news station give their snow amount calls for a storm we are getting here in PA tomorrow. I AM SO OVER IT!
Some of you who may live in warm weather may be thinking right now but the snow is pretty and you would love to see some snow. Yes, the snow is pretty when it's falling so gently. Or when it's the first snow fall of the season and it coats the ground. It's also pretty when it snows on Christmas Eve or Day. However, when the snow started in November and is still snowing at the end of March.. You would be in the same boat too.  

So with a little help of an Ocean Breeze candle, I am trying to escape the freezing temps surrounding me and the forecast of more snow! I also decided to whip up a favorite summer drink and put an umbrella in it. Hey, a girl can dream!

I was lucky enough to review the Ocean Breeze scent from Jackpot Candles and fell in love with it. The jar is so large and the scent carried through the whole house. Best part every candle comes with a special surprise jewelry!

Simply burn the candle until you see the tiny foil wrapper floating in your candle. Blow out candle and immediately use tongs to remove foil. Let sit until cool and unwrap your surprise

Go on the Jackpot Candle website and find out how much your piece is worth. Every piece is worth $15.00-$5,000.00

I got this adorable butterfly pendant in my candle.  It is a little short on me and not really my style, but I gave it to my god daughter and she LOVED it! 

This post was sponsored by Jackpot Candles and I have received this candle as compensation for it. All opinions are my own!

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