Friday, November 7, 2014

High Five for Friday Update

Maybe it's just me, but I feel like this week lasted forever! Last weekend we had a Halloween party.. If you know me even just a little.. I'm a tad bit forgetful and of course took about 3 good photos of the party and decor. #partyfail  But we enjoy throwing parties (and by we I mean ME) and are counting down til we have everyone over again! So let's get a little recap of my week and life lately!

1. Even though most of our friends left after the party, the ones that stayed decided to have a 'Sunday Funday' complete with a new favorite brunch spot and a little mimosa and bloody Mary hopping on Main Street. We completed the day by loathing on the couch with leftovers (both food and drinks) watching football of course.  

2. Had my first holiday drink of the season- Peppermint Mocha Latte. I was actually so surprised to see the red cups already! I love them and get me into the spirit so much more!  

3. Thursday I attended the Annual Meeting for the Chamber of Commerce. There were so many professionals in attendance, and the chamber did an amazing job putting on a performance!

 4. At work our office renovation is finally complete, besides a few odds and ends. I got my own office (the only single office in the whole company!) and I love it! I have a large corner desk with plenty of storage and space along with my own marketing table to lay out designs and plans.

5. I have been so busy with custom orders for my Etsy Shop as well as from friends and family! It makes me so happy that my little business is taking off! You can check out my shop for more designs, or as my friends call me a 'savior' and can pretty much do any ideas they may have email me you requests! And because I love you guys- I'm offering 10% off with code Bloglove10. Be sure to check out Sara's blog today, because she's awesome AND she's reviewing some items in my shop!

 Happy Friday Everyone! Enjoy you weekend!

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