Saturday, October 4, 2014

Saturday Morning Coffee | Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Manicure

Good Morning Dollfaces! It's rainy and dreary here in PA, but something that always puts me in a good mood is a fresh mani. I like to keep my nails natural. When I was in high school and a good portion of college (when I could afford it) I had acrylic tips on my nails.  I always thought I had 'boy nails' as I called them and thought my nail beds or so ugly. Maybe I thought this because I'll admit it.. I'm a nail biter! I never had naturally long nails and when then would start to get somewhat above the nail bed they would break due to sports and being so brittle.  And then the invention of GEL MANICURES happened. It was like God's gift to my nail beds. I was able to keep my natural nail and make a manicure last longer then the day after my spa visit.  I don't know how pricing is around your neck of the woods, but around me you will also have to fork out between $25- $40 for a well performed gel manicure. While picking up a prescription at CVS the display of nail polish perfectly positioned for my eyes it seems caught my attention. They had on sale this new gel manicure polish for BOGO FREE so I thought.. Hey, mine as well purchase it- it's on sale!  About a week later I remembered I had this when I thought about going to the salon for a manicure. 

I must say I was quite surprised with how smooth it went on. The brush is thick and flat, a lot like the professional brands at salons.  Directions read to apply two coats and then the top coat. The color I applied however was pretty light after two coats so I added an additional one.  Coat it completely with the top coat and immediately remove any excess on your cuticles.. it will be hard to remove afterward.  
The look is pretty similar to that of a professional manicure. The hardest part for me was doing my opposite hand, but then again I was that same problem with regular polish! 

It seems to be lasting pretty well so far after two days of wear and tear on my poor little fingers. I will be sure to give you an update in a few days how the polish seems to be lasting!

Now I would like to introduce you to a series I am starting called Saturday Morning Coffee with Ashley
The idea of Saturday Morning Coffee with Ashley is to bring you something to think about for yourself. Take a moment every Saturday morning and do one thing for you. Even if you take 5 minutes to just breathe while sipping your coffee.. do something you enjoy. 

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