Thursday, June 19, 2014

Currently Obsessing

Summer officially starts this weekend!! Why is it that the winter drags forever, and then Spring | Summer seems to fly by? So far this summer (or I guess I should say Spring??) I am obsessing over all things neutral colored and icy cold to drink! Below are some things I am really into right now..

  One | Dunkin Donuts has me hooked on this Arnold Palmer Coolatta right now! It is so refreshing and perfect for pairing with a bagel for lunch or take it on the go!
 Two | Which looking at new things for our future home (that we don't have yet) I've learned that my style is much more shabby chic and I'm really into neutrals.
Three | My hair dryer took a 'dump' this week so I was forced to purchase another. I would have loved to purchase this one from Dry Bar, but couldn't shell out the $200 for it! 
 Four | Like I said before, I've been really into neutrals lately. So when I saw this maxi I knew I had to have it in my closet 
Five | My sweet addiction right now is Pretzel M&M's. I believe that eating a whole bag at a time of these is totally acceptable because hey! they are pretzels inside.. right?? 
   Six | In an attempt to save a few bucks a week, I have started making my own iced coffee every morning with my Keurig.  Simply pick whatever flavor cup you want and brew it over a glass full of ice. Add more ice as needed. 

What are some things you are obsessing over lately? 
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