Tuesday, April 8, 2014

H&M Bohemian Tops

I am obsessed with the bohemian look.. okay take a moment and picture it. My long blonde hair with waves and braids with a flower crown on top of my head, walking bare foot to a festival.  Got it in your brain?? Okay, now release it because even though that's my inner self, today I'm talking about bohemian inspired tops!
While looking on H&M's website, deciding on what to purchase that I added to my cart, I couldn't help but notice a lot of my clothes I chose were this flowy style or with somewhat of a print.  Who have I become?? NO stripes. NO black!!! Softer colors and little to no shape is looking like my wardrobe for Spring!  Best part of these shirts, none are over the price of $45.00!

Bohemian Tops

All tops can be found on H&M's website!

 photo heartssignature_zps360fcd0a.png

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