Saturday, March 29, 2014

Spring Splurges

If you are on a budget like most of the 20 something year old's in the world, you try to save on everything you can. Unfortunately there are some things you just need to spend a little more on in order for them to last through seasons or save you time and money in the long run! Most if not all of these pieces are classics that will not go out of style by season end.  What are some things you have purchased that lasted you past one season?
Spring Splurges
1. In late Spring/ Summer I wear denim shorts almost every weekend.  They are so easy to throw on with a tee or tank with flip flops for running errands.  When I find a perfect pair that is the right length and stretch I literally live in them and want them to last next season too.

2. I have freckles (there's a shocker) so I need to invest in a good sunscreen.  This one is perfect because you can apply it everyday as a moisturizer and is water proof- I mean you never know when you will get thrown in a pool or be sweating out buckets!

3. Coral colors are everywhere this year! I always have color on my nails and try to brighten up as much as possible.  This would be a great color option for both your nails and toes! I prefer using Essie polishes due to the fact they last.  The last thing you want it chipped toes when finally showing off your little piggies!

4. Maybe because I'm constantly checking my social media outlets, but my Iphone loses battery very quickly.  I like to carry this little universal charger when I go out for a period of time and know I won't be by an outlet. It's so light weight, it won't take up much space even in a clutch!

5.Although flip flops are a staple in my Spring wardrobe, they are too un-dressy sometimes. Get a leather sandal that you can wear during the day and transition it to night time. These are perfect to pair with shorts and throw on with a sun dress.

6. Rays of sunlight can do serious damage on your eyes! You should always use protection and cheap glasses don't always do it! I prefer tortoise colored sunnies because they go with all colors and outfits!

7. White tee shorts and flip flops. Yep- that to me is a perfect outfit. Sometimes though you need to throw on a little something extra to mix it up! By adding a statement necklace  you can change an outfit completely.

8. You probably carry a lot of stuff around like me. I purchase cheaper bags once in a while but find they don't last me.  I end up having to buy another bag at the end of the season if not sooner.  One of my favorite totes I have is a Michael Kors purse that is at least 5 years old. Still in perfect condition.  Still use it all the time.  Sometimes it's just better in the long run to get a quality bag.

9. I used to only purchase bikinis from Victoria's Secret. I also only used to purchase bandeau style tops.  What was I thinking?? I wear a 36C top and yes some bandeau's fit perfectly, unless they come with a structured underwire.. stay clear. And can we also talking about the padding in the ones that so come with structure. AH!  I was constantly pulling and readjusting and they just never felt 'right' to me.  This year I decided I would go the distance and purchase a big girl top including under wire, with not much padding and bottom with full coverage like the above option of top and bottom.

10. The finishing touch to a sun kissed face, is sparkling lips. No not glitter (even though that would amazing!) I'm talking about a pale pink hue like this one above.  During warmer months you don't want your skin to look over done with make up but you want a gloss that will last without reapplying every 10 minutes. Stick to a designer or department store brand for a lasting option.

Now get out to the store and get your shop on! Remember to stay on budget and only spend on things you need. If you already have a great pair of denim shorts then shy away from that section of the store so you won't be tempted! If you need some help on staying on budget download a budget template here!

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