Saturday, March 8, 2014

Old Navy Transition to Spring

Old Navy Transition to Spring

With Spring clothes in every store, you can't help but feel the itch to get a fresh pedi, dust off the flip flops and hit the festivals. But wait if you haven't noticed, here in the Northeast we still are in a 'polar vortex' and are just hoping for an end in site! It is no secret around here that I despise winter. Snow. Cold. Snow.. it can all just go away now.  I am longing for my bleach blonde hair, tan body and to actually see what my toes look like again!  I recently purchased some things from Old Navy and was in heaven.  Why do you ask? Well it is also no secret that I have a slight obsession with stripes, and boy does Old Navy satisfy my craving! Their new Spring Transition line is inspired by a Nautical feel, complete with anchors, stripes and shades of navy & blues. 

  • Striped Dress-Let's start with some stripes! This dress can be worn with tights and boots and if extra cold through on a sweater.
  • Long Sleeve Dress-This dress has long sleeves so you can wear it as is or with a pair of colored tights. Love the short booties with this look.
  • Striped Tunic-More Stripes. Throw on this sheer shirt with a pair of your favorite skinny jeans and blazer for a night out.
  • Military Jacket-I love this piece as a transition jacket.  When it is still to cold for no coat, yet time to retire the parka til next year, this will be perfect.
  • Boyfriend Jeans-Is that ankles I see? These jeans are their Boyfriend fit. I love pairing these with ankle booties and having a little bit of skin showing or once warmed up with a cute sandal.
  • Pixie Pants-These pants can now take the place of your leggings you've been wearing to dress up! NO? just me?? They are soo comfortable too.  You can dress down them by throwing on a pair of sneakers.
  • Sneakers-There is something about wearing sneakers with skinny jeans while running errands that makes me feel more productive. I don't know why that is, but I am loving these right now. they also come in MINT!
  • Purse- Start every season with a great bag. That is going to be my new motto! All Spring I switch between a purse and a cross body bag, this is a great option that is inexpensive so if you like to switch them out like me you can!
  • Scarf-Ahh finally Spring colors. Start to slowly transition into them with some key pieces. This scarf would be great with a plain tee and jeans. Oh and most likely a coat too.
  • Belt-This belt is so fun! I love the print and can see this being in my next bag of goodies coming from Old Navy! My go to outfit is a plain white tee and skinny jeans.. so I guess I can add some color with this!

**All items are available at Old Navy!

I found that although wearing most of their Spring line now in the Northeast will have people turning heads, but pick out a few keys pieces that can easily be transitioned from Polar Vortex to I think I can see the grass again!!

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