Thursday, March 20, 2014

I Can't Wait for Summer Because (link up)

Helene In Between
Today I am linking up with Helene in Between  & The Daily Tay to present to you

I Can't Wait For Summer Because..

-Skin gets darker making me instantly feel skinnier
-It's totally acceptable to wear a sundress EVERYDAY. Because it's too hot for anything else? 
-Summer concerts are in full force from May- September
-Country Music all day err day
-Pedicures at least once every two weeks
-Baseball games that require sunscreen and tank tops when they start and a jacket at night
-My hair naturally gets lighter
-It's also acceptable to through your hair into a braid and not be judged
-The brighter the drink the easier it goes down
-If you forget to wear make-up, hey it's okay your freckles will look like you are!
-Ice Cream for lunch? Sure why not!
-Taking a 'sick day' from work just to relax on the beach
-Neon's, floral's, and nautical prints
-Shorter short and skimpier tops
-A day on the beach calls for a long nap then ready to head out at night
-You naturally wake up in a better mood not worrying about how many layers you will need to wear 
-Jean shorts are appropriate with flip flops or dressed up with wedges.
 -Tiki Bars are the local hang out where you see friends you haven't seen since last summer

Let's all just take a moment and picture ourselves near the pool, lake, lagoon, ocean or body of water of your choice.  Drink in hand and warm rays of sunshine beating down.  It's not too far away people!!

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