Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Oscar Party

This Sunday is Oscar Sunday!! I've never been to an Oscar party before or even thought of throwing one.. until now. I started to brain storm ideas, and kept coming back to a old Hollywood feel.  

First step to any great party is your amazing guest list! Send out an old Hollywood Fashion invite complete with dress attire (so your invitees can dress the part!) Check out my post from yesterday to get the perfect outfit!
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No Oscar Party is complete without you watching intently and having a ballot. Now I know there are a lot of categories, so on my ballot I chose to just reflect on six.
Best Picture, Leading Actor and Actress, Best Animated Film, Best Original Song and Best Visuals:

In the modern era, 'selfies' have become the IT thing through social media. Why not add some fun into it using these Photobooth Accessories and snapping some selfies! Publish them on Instagram and don't forget to hashtag to view all the memorable moments! #Heartsnstuffoscars14

Popcorn Bar:
When I think of movies, I think of going to the theater and about $30 later snacking on some popcorn and candy.  Why not have you guest snack on some popcorn with extra add on's and can't forget about all the candy!
What you need:
Different seasonings 
Reese's Pieces
Peanuts & Almonds
Extra Butter
Use apothecary jars to store the popcorn for the party.  Put your store bought seasonings into little salt & pepper shakers for your guest to easily sprinkle on their snack.  Make your own, or purchase bags at the dollar store for guest to enjoy their snacks in! Add finishing touches using lots of glitter and making signs so that everyone knows what is what on the table! 

Candy Bar:
What you need
Milk Duds
JuJu Bees
Sour Patch Kids
Arrange an assortment of candy in baskets and jars. Make sure to add tags to all options so your guests know exactly what they are getting!

What is a party without some cocktails! Luckily our friends on THE CHEW hooked us up with some fun options!
Click here for full recipes!

So now all you need is your friends over for a night at the movies.. I mean watching the Oscars! Enjoy!

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