Monday, February 3, 2014

Julep Maven- Box 1

Last week I received my first Julep Maven box! I was really busy, so I opened the box, glanced at what was inside and closed it quickly with hopes next time I opened it I would have a chance to actually enjoy it! 

 It was a surprise to me that I actually received two different nail colors to play with. They are complete opposites and I absolutely love them!! The first one: Zora is a pinkish natural looking color. The second one: Myrtle is a blood red and I adore it! I'm a sucker for reds and maybe it's just me, but feel they polish so much better!

Also in the box is Mighty a nail & cuticle serum.  Perfect for that at home manicure! Directions say to  apply to the cuticle twice daily for two weeks. I desperately need something for my cuticles in the winter so hoping this will do the trick!

In the box was a small package of face primer. Now you know I don't like using this kind of makeup.. so this will go into the jar in my guest bathroom!

No box is complete without a cute message. especially one that is entirely accurate!

Did you sign up for your Julep Maven box yet? What's not to love $40.00 worth of products for only $19.99 a month, first look at newest colors and trends,& free shipping on all orders! 

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