Friday, January 31, 2014

Fun Four Friday & A Little Makeover!!

Hey dolls!
SOOO have you noticed something a little different around these woods?? Oh ya know just a little MAKE OVER!!!
Thanks to the amazing Brianna over at Sparkle Out Loud who pimped out my Blog! I'm so excited to show you all because she did amazing work! She was super sweet and easy to work with along with being amazingly quick perfecting everything I wanted!! Check out her own blog over at Endlessly Beloved.  Thanks girl!!

Now onto a little Fun Four Friday happenings shall we :o)

1.Joe and I ate at our favorite Mexican restaurant in Bethlehem earlier in the week. It's kinda hard not to make comparisons from when we were in San Diego.  We ate at a Mexican place while there (I mean how can you not, only being a jump, skip and a hop away from MEXICO!) and I must admit.. our little place will give the San Diego place a run for their money!! Doesn't help that Mexico Lindo carries my favorite hot sauce and we brought a beer that is brewed in San Diego..

2. Red Sky at night.. Sailors Delight.. I've noticed that when I leave work at 5pm now, they skies seem to be lighter! Thank goodness because that means Spring is on its wayy!!

3. With all this talk about Spring, let's just keep it going. Saw this adorable outdoor bar at the Christmas Tree Shops while looking for Valentine's Day decor! With all their gardening supplies out along with spring flowers and decor.. it just makes we want to hibernate until March!!

4.Today I am off to a magical place called New York City. I decided with the Super Bowl in town.. why not take the day and enjoy it! Besides it being bitter cold and frigid, it's a once in a lifetime experience and am getting so excited with all the talk on Twitter about happenings on Super Bowl Blvd!! 

How was your week? Are you still stuck in the Polar Vortex like me?

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