Monday, December 16, 2013

Winter Essentials

I'm sure you all have those favorite everyday essentials.  Ya know that ones you can't live without! Well today I am sharing with you some of mine from so far this season..

Winter Essentials
Leggings- Really any leggings of any style will work for me.  I would rather wear leggings everyday then jeans! 
Ear Warmers- My ears tend to get very cold (maybe no circulation??) even if I walk outside for just a little.  I like always carrying a pair of these with me wherever I go!
Cross Body bag- Especially when I go shopping, I try to always carry a cross body! Between carrying a winter coat, scarf, and bags.. last thing I want is a heavy purse to hold also.
Chapstick- I think everyone can agree on this essential! I have at least two in every purse, one in my car, one on my desk at work, one by my night stand.. you get the picture!
Coat-  I am a true believer that puffer coats work with everything! I can wear this coat with my sweats to the gym, running errands, or dress it up! You can't go wrong with the comfort and coziness also. 
Coffee Sleeve & hot chocolate- isn't this sleeve so cute! Okay.. maybe not an essential- but you can use this as a stocking stuff too!
Mittens- I hate glove!! There I said it- There is something about wearing them that makes me feel restricted! But my little fingers do call out for them once in a while.. when they do- I have to have cute ones!
Boots- I got good use of my Hunter boots this weekend! We had about 6 inches of snow and cleaning off the car was NOT an easy task! Pair these with a thick pair of socks and you can dash though the snow all you want!!
Scarf- I literally go no where during winter without a scarf! I have come to find a liking for chunky infinity scarfs- so easy to throw on and out the door you go.
Lotion- My skin gets super dry during the cold months.. or all months for that matter! But i lather up after i get out of the shower in the am, and then again at night.  Especially targeting your elbows and knees!
Cozy Sweater- Staple of my wardrobe- big comfy sweater! you can never have enough!
Dark Lipstick- I typically don't wear dark lipstick (esp the one shown) very often.  However, at a christmas party recently I told a friend how good she looks wiht dark red lipstick (she has dark hair).  She told me she very often wears it either, bc it's over the top- even though it looked so natural on her.. She made me realize, it's okay to wear it once in a while and to be bold- if you are confident wearing it, that's all that matters!!
Red Nail Polish- Is it a crime that i've already worn red nail polish three separate manicures already?? NOPE!! I didn't think so either! I switch it up here and there with a dark red also! PS- did anyone watch Bonnie & Clyde?? I was in LOVE with her red polished nails! okay.. back to the list! 
Static Guard- My hair & cloths constantly stick to me during winter.  Just a simple spritz of static guard will do the trick! I suggest keeping a travel size in your bag!!
Warm Socks- I live in warm socks.. and by "live" I mean sleep, eat, work, go out, LIVE in warm socks!!! My toes have always had a poor circulation! I can remember sitting in elementary school tapping my feet in my saddle shoes (yes I was a Catholic School Girl!!) trying to keep them warm! 

SO what are some of your winter Essentials?!

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