Thursday, November 28, 2013



For Starbucks- Thank you for creating the Star rewards and getting a little surprise every 12 drinks!

For the sun shining into my window every morning-  You make me day a little 'sunnier' getting ready with you in the morning. 

For my apartment- Even though I hate you when the little kids next door run around, I am thankful to have the opportunity to live on my own in this small abode. 

For my Dad- Who I call when there is a creature lurking in the night.. or a spider in my apartment.  When there is an issue with my car or just need a handy man to hang my shelves.

For my Mom- My best friend & shopping buddy.  Who I talk to at least 2 times a day on the phone and vent to when ANYTHING goes wrong.

For my brothers- Who pick on me to no end and probably will til we are 80. But know if I need anything are only one phone call away!

For my Boyfriend- My confidante who I tell everything too. Who celebrates the good with me and stands by me with the bad.  

For my Friends- Who are there through thick and thin.  We may not talk everyday, but pick up right where we left off every time we do. 

For my Job- They seriously treat me as though I've been working for them for 20 years. Anytime I need anything, I am not afraid to ask and are always willing to help me out!

For my cheerleaders- They make me INSANE, but love them all dearly as if they were my own kids!

For my LIFE- I wouldn't change a thing in my crazy world. I am thankful EVERYDAY for what God has given me through good and bad.  Every experience makes it a learning experience.

Hope you and your families all have a very Happy Thanksgiving and Holiday season.

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