Friday, November 22, 2013

Fun Four Friday

Hellooo my lovey's! We survived another week!!! I've haven't been so happy to see a Friday in a very long time!! See this past weekend was spent at a loading mats into trucks, driving to the school gym, unloading mats, sitting at a football game, setting up a gym, sitting in at a cheer competition for 12 hours then cleaning up.  Woof! Man do I need a break.. but other then that busy schedule some other things to gander over..

1. I made my first sale on Etsy!!! I've done some marketing/ party planning for friends and colleagues but this was the first OFFICIAL sale for Ash's Party Accent's!!! 

2. Much needed drinks were needed this past weekend/week.  Gotta love the Applebee's 1/2 price apps and $5.00 sangrias after 9!!

3. Speaking of this week/weekend- Shout out to the best support in my life, my little Joey! He was such a big help this past weekend with moving stuff, concessions and taking charge! Way to Go JOE!

4.Yesterday my best turned the big 2-6.  Time is definitely flying by and needs to slow down!! But anyways.. HAPPY BIRTHDAY BROOKIE!!!!

What was your week like?!  

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