Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Wine and Cheese Date Night

Last Friday night, after a long day of work and practice I just didn't feel like going out for Joe and I's usual dinner and drinks.. so I gave him another option- a stay at home wine and cheese night!  I figured I already had plenty of wine and just had to purchase a few different kind of cheeses and some meats.. well me sending Joe to Wegman's equals a $60 tab!!! He did surprise me with a full spread of meats, my favorite cheeses, breads and dips, and was already at my apartment with everything prepared and a glass of wine poured! Whata guy!! I think I'll keep him for a while!

Now if you want to do this on a budget, simply just purchase a bottle of wine for you and your beau.  Grab some different cheeses (for a cheaper option, cracker barrel has a selection of blocked cheeses you could chose from), some ritz crackers & you can make your own dips!

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