Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Fall Trends// Home Decor

Part 5 of Fall Trends..

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Fall Trends// Home Decor
I love fall colors.  Don't get me wrong I will take a beautiful beach house any day, but I think the purples, greens, and rustic oranges remind me of my parents home! I just began purchasing some fall decor for my apartment and man (if I do say so myself) it really makes it feel homey!!  Above are some options for cozying up your abode with some easy switch-a-roo's!

Fall Foliage & Sunflowers added to basic pots & vases>> I found a whole bunch of these at the Dollar Store, but can be purchased at local.
Fall Wreath>> I foresee a DIY coming in my near future making my own wreathe using burlap and some fall foliage.
Pillows>> If you are like most people and can't afford to switch colors of furniture with seasons, just switch warmer color pillows.  I love these with the embellishment and rustic color & feel.
Warmer Curtains>> For summer I love the shades open and natural sunlight shining through a sheer curtain, for fall you can still stick with a sheer curtain if that's your preference, but chose a warmer color to match your color scheme!
Pictures & Artwork>>A simple fix is changing out pictures on your walls! For example a picture like this  may be a better option for Fall/ Winter then seashells or a beach scape! Also, by adding figurines in bronzes and golds like this will add a special touch!
Lantern>>These are not only useful for fall by can be used all year long. Simply change what's inside for the season & holiday's. For fall I plan on purchasing small pumpkins and gourds to place inside, winter add some left over Christmas bulbs not used on your tree!
Candles>> Lastly my finishing touch on any room is the smell! In literally every room in my apartment is a candle or warmer. Add a touch of autumn with a pumpkin, vanilla or apple smell!

What are some ways you plan on decorating for the Fall season?

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