Wednesday, September 11, 2013

A Moment of Silent

Today is a very somber day. We remember those we lost innocently, those we lost trying to save the innocent, & those who our fighting for our freedom.

As some of you know I coach a youth cheerleading program and last year we held practice on September 11.  I simply asked them do you know what this day means.. their answers.. 'yeah it's in our text books!'  They were correct, but living through it makes it all more real. I can remember exactly where I was and what I was doing.
I was in 7th grade in religion class. My cousin (classmate), Matthew came into our class and said 'Turn on the News, we are being bombed!!'
Well we weren't being 'bombed' but we were under attack.  I remember our teacher turning on the tv and immediately seeing the second plane hit the tower.  I looked around and kids were crying and I thought to myself- we don't know these people! How rude could I have been, finding out later there were kids who had parents & relatives working there or in the city.  Our teachers kept the television on for the rest of the day feeling it was important we watch what was happening live.  Our history teacher told us 'you will remember where you were for the rest of your life' and man was she right! It was like just yesterday it happened.. 12 years ago!

Today, this day means even more to me, because my brother is now a New York Police Officer.  I feel if he was there that day, not a second would go by that he wouldn't run into those buildings and risk his own life for others.

Please take the time today and remember those we lost- but also those still fighting to protect us.

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