Wednesday, August 28, 2013

VMA 2013 Winners & Losers

By now, I'm sure you have watched the VMA's (considering it has played on MTV 20 times since Sunday night) or have seen the god awful pictures of Miley on Yahoo! So what did I think of the night.. I couldn't wait for my all time favorite 5 guys to hit the stage.. but leading up to that- well to say the least I wanted to put nails in my eyes.. 
My childhood was relived. Amy and I were waiting patiently for these gentlemen to hit the stage!!
This dress was stunning on Rita Ora.  Critics said it was inappropriate considering she wasn't nominated. WHO CARES. You look gorgeous!!
Robin Thicke got my vote for best dressed Male.  Now about that performance..
This color was perfect for Selena. It left a little to the imagination with that corset and slit up the front!

I thought she looked better when she wore the purple jump suit with a boob hanging out.  

I love leopard print. It's a known fact.. but this..NO and what's with her grill. Come on Katy!!

Besides her performance being a complete freak show.. Get with the program Miley. You look hideous.

What did you think of Sunday nights fashion??

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