Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Gold Prints

Last week I posted this, and was in need of some inspiration for my new apartment.  Well I definitely found some! Upon looking on Etsy, I found some great gold foil prints- however with all of them being $20+, I wasn't looking to spend that much. The light bulb went off and realized 'I can DIY this!!' Using the Etsy prints I found, I went to work on my design program

From the Dollar Store (my new favorite place) I picked up these $1 frames, with the intention of spray painting them all the same color gold.

Since I don't have the appropriate gold foil look, I used the next best thing GLITTER
There's the spray paint I decided not to use on the frames!

Using a fine tip glue pen, I traced the outline of the words & designs I wanted to pop with glitter

I chose not to spray paint the frames. I liked the way they were mismatched and different gold finishes

Find a home for them and add extra gold accessories- I chose to add a gold 'A' and possibly some mirrors!


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