Wednesday, August 14, 2013

August// Birch Box

It has arrived.. the August Birch Box..

Curly Hair Solutions, Curl Keeper>> Today would have been the perfect day to use this, considering there are tornado warnings, but just wasn't feeling the curls! I will be trying this product this weekend though!
Whish, Deodrant Wipes>> Used these this past weekend at the Kenny Chesney concert.. surprising worked pretty well!
Whish, Body Wash>>  Always on the market for new body washes, this has a good smell to it also!
OC8, Magnifying Gel>> We all know my thoughts on face products.. But, hey maybe one of these days I'll get brave and try one!!
Cailyn,Gel Eyeliner>> I'm not to keen on gel eyeliner, it just doesn't work to well for my shakey hands.  I prefer a solid with a smearing stick attached- this way my lines don't look to messed up!
Ann Taylor, Coupon>> My boyfriends mom works for Ann Taylor.. No Coupons Needed-enough said haha

All in all.. this was not my favorite box to say the least. The only product I may purchase is the deodrant wipes.  What did you receive in your box?? How did you like it?


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