Thursday, July 25, 2013

Beauty Box// August

It has arrived.. that little blue box- NO not a Tiffany's box.. my beauty box for August, Silly!!

Beauty Box 5 starts at only $12.00 a month!! 

Be a Bombshell>> Lip Gloss- I tried this on immediately after opening my box- Love the vibrant pink color and perfect to wear in summer!

Every Beauty>> Foot Smoother- Joe would kill me if he knew.. but we just were talking about giving him a pedicure. Not a polished toes relaxing one.. more of a manly 'let's get these feet in shape' one. Very excited to use this on him!

H2O Plus>> Face Oasis Hydrating Treatment- You know from previous posts that I am not to keen on using products on my face, however I may give this a whirl.  It is described as replenishing and plumping skin to get rid of age lines.. even though I don't need this YET- it may help to keep my skin looking fresh!

Jean Pierre Cosmetics>> Nail Polish Remover Wipes- I love remover wipes.. they are just so much more convenient when traveling, for weekends, or even just when you need a touch up without getting out a whole bottle of remover & cotton swabs. It even smells better!!

La Fresh>> Travel Lite Antibacterial Wipes- These come a couple days to late! I wish I had these to throw in my bag at Hershey Park last weekend! The packaging is cute- more mature then those stinky baby wipes!!

So what did you get in your Beauty Box???

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