Monday, June 17, 2013

Have You Shop Kicked Today??

Have you experienced Shop Kick yet?? If not then what are you waiting for!!!  Basically in a nut shell, ShopKick pays you to walk into stores! Okay not literally does it filter out dollar bills- but you earn points every time you walk into your favorite stores like Target, Best Buy, and American Eagle.  You can save these points up for giftcards or Tiffany Jewelery or even a Kitchenaid Mixer!! TIFFANY'S JEWELERYYYYY  Simply just open up the app on your smartphone and wahlaaa! It's that easy! You will get a bubble letting you know how many kicks you just received- it's literally that easy.

Walk in for Kicks

Open up your app in order to see if there are any kicks available at that store. While walking in you will get notified with a blue bubble of how many kicks you received!

Look Books

While at home you can still browse the look books and pick your favorite items into your 'Like' folder aka the little pink heart. When you enter a store that you have 'liked' items ShopKick will notify you not to forget to pick them up!!

Find Kicks

Out & About + Saving
When you are in an area that stores with Kicks are nearby- ShopKick will notify you what you are missing out on!

Scan For Kicks

While in a store you can browse where there are kicks for you to scan.  Simply just locate these items and scan the barcodes for extra kicks!

SOO did you download it yet!!

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