Thursday, June 27, 2013

Beauty Box// July

1.Coolway >> Cool Cleanse Shampoo & Hydrate Conditioner 
During the summer months, my hair tends to dry and frizz out. I'm hoping that this Shampoo & Conditioner will work wonders on it!
2. Shea Terra Organics>> Rose High Black Soap Facial
First impression upon opening it- YUCK. I am very anal about what I put on my face everything about this creeps me out. The dark brown color. The texture of it's grittyness. The awful smell.
3. Minxxette>> Brush Hanger
This is the cutest thing. I will definitly use this next time I clean my brushes. BUT I will need like four more!!
4. Just Being Sexy>> Body Bronzer
I am a little curious on how this works. I'm hesitant on using bronzer for the fact or turning orange.. but maybe I will try it on my stomach first!

What did you receive in your beauty box this month??

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