Friday, May 31, 2013

Bumble and Bumble//Surf Spray

If you follow me on Instagram I posted a picture yesterday of my office essential on humid days.  The East Coast is going through a little bit of a heat wave- high of 95 degrees this week! Not only is it hot, but there is soo much humidity!!! I REFUSE to even think of straightening my hair- but don't want my curly locks either. After drying almost completely, spray some Bumble and Bumble Surf Spray into your slightly damp hair. It contains sea salts that naturally will help to curl your hair without making it kinky or sticky like hair spray.  Only downfall is that the salts do make hair dryer- so make sure to condition hair with next wash!
surf spray
I purchased this product last year after seeing a review in a magazine.  To be honest I never really used it except when I was going from beach to beach bar and needed a little something to fight the frizz! But I've been using it all week and really have come to love it! I'm very interested in using the other products like Foam Shampoo and Conditioner.. looks like a trip to Sephora is in my near future!!
surf foam wash shampoosurf creme rinse conditioner
For all Bumble and Bumble products and reviews check out their website here or check out their products at your local Sephora

~Happy Beach Waves~

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