Monday, April 1, 2013

NY State of Mind

Hi Dolls! Hope you had an amazing and blessed Easter! Tthis past weekend I spent once again in a hotel.  But this hotel was like no other! Joe and I spent Friday night at Yotel New York. It's such a hip/futuristic hotel. When checking in, you use kiosk's located on the main level. There is literally ONE man there to help you, and of course.. we needed help!! He advised us to floor FOUR which is where there is a tiny desk for customer service and the transferring elevators to get to your rooms or as they call them CABINS. Once we finally got our room number we headed on up to the 26th floor! I had checked out the website before we booked so I knew what we were getting ourselves into. I now know why they call the rooms cabins- straight out of an airplane!! Smallest room ever- (actually that's a lie we stayed in a bed & breakfast before and that was the smallest thing ever). Joe's favorite part was the bed that looked like a sofa but reclined into a full bed with a touch of a button! My favorite part was the glass bathroom that looked out into the city.. as long as they couldn't see in!
Here are just some pictures I took during the weekend!

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