Tuesday, April 16, 2013

DIY- Glass Painting

This weekend was filled with design creativity and LOTS of DIY's! I purchases these glass beer mugs at the Dollar Store and they truly were $1.00!!! I purchased the Martha Stewart Stencils at Michael's for only $8.00 with their 50% off coupon over the weekend!! Martha Stewart paints also bought at Michael's. Total time.. about 30 minutes (I was very picky about the placement of the letters!!!)

These Martha Stewart Crafts makes these great adhesive stencils that you can stick right onto the glass surface and paint and reuse!

I chose to use Martha Stewart Crafts glass paint in opaque

Start by cleaning the glass completely with alcohol to remove all stickers and dirt. Chose your adhesive designs and apply how desired to glass.

Using my Martha Stewart crafts dappers (sensing a theme here) I applied the paint onto the stencils.
Once I let dry completely over night.. I sprayed glass with a sealing spray which can be purchased at any craft store. 

I can't show you the final product until later this month.. but it turned out awesome!! Hope you can find some fun way to paint some glass :o)

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