Monday, April 29, 2013

25 years later

Well it came and passed. With how busy I have been the last few days/weeks I kept forgetting my birthday was coming up.  Why is it that when you are younger you count down every minute/ hour/ second until your big day? To me this year.. it was just another day. I think it was a bigger event for my friends then for me!! On Friday at work, I received flowers in the morning from my bosses. When the florist delivered them, not gonna lie I was a little stunned! I don't mind getting gifts at all or being catered to, however just another Saturday in my book. So what did I get for my Birthday you ask?!
From my Parents- Marc Jacobs gold & teel watch
From Brooke- Pandora champagne rope bracelet with cupcake charm

From the Boy- Louie Vuitton Cross Body bag.. GORGEOUS!!!

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